Other Buddies Pins
Other Buddies Pins

Other Buddies Pins

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Horse Pin Details:

  • Hard Enamel Pins
  • 1.5" in size (Eeyore, Pooh, Tigger, Kuzco, Encanto Donkey)
  • Other sizes: Pua: 1.25", Meeko: 1.3", Bambi: 1.35" , Dug: 1.34", Figment: 1.5", Dodger: 1.32", Flower: .67", Pumbaa: 1.14", Nala: 1.08", Simba: 1.35", Valentino: 1" (Star glows in the dark)
  • Glow details: Butterfly on Encanto donkey, Ray on Louis, Star on Valentino
  • Rubber backings
  • Comes attached to card

A* Grade pins can come with a very slight error, noticeable only if looking up close and in certain light

**All pins are handmade and therefore can come with small imperfections**