Will paint affect the use of my magic band?

Nope! However I cannot offer refunds on non-working magic bands. This has to do with the manufacturer and is something I can't control.

Does the paint wash off?

Nope! It is water resistant but not 100% waterproof, so it should not be submerged in water containing chemicals or come in contact with products containing alcohol or harsh elements such as sunscreens, perfumes, or hand-sanitizer.

Does the paint crack or peel?

Nope! With enough force however, the paint can be scratched off and it will eventually show signs of use due to being a wearable item.

Does the glitter come off?

It does not! I seal the glitter into the paint so it stays safe and sparkly :) It is also mostly smooth to the touch, so no scratchy glitter fall-out, yay!

What kind of designs can I custom order?

Anything you can come up with! Some of my favorite pieces I have created are thanks to awesome ideas YOU have dreamed up. I will work with you to figure how best a design can fit on each product.


How much does shipping cost? 
Shipping is based on weight and the location it is being shipped to

How long until I receive my item? 
This depends on the item, most things I can get out within a week or so, but if I am waiting on stock then it may take a little longer. IF you need it by a certain time, PLEASE message me before hand to see if I can get it to you in time! 

  • First class shipping takes about 4-6 days 
  • Priority shipping takes about 2-4 days 
  • Overnight shipping takes about 1-2 days 

*Once packages leave my hands I have no control over shipping times or if packages get lost/stolen. 

***In order to keep shipping costs low, I send all packages without insurance and because of this they are ineligible for refund should they become lost of stolen. I CAN offer insured shipping at an extra cost, send me a message if you want to add that!***

Do you ship internationally? 
Yes! I am always happy to send my artwork to other countries :) 
Buyer is responsible for all customs/fees/etc. upon receiving.


Due to the nature of creating each item custom made per person, I cannot accept returns or exchanges.

If you receive a damaged item, please send me a message and I will work with you to fix it!

And always, please contact me if you have any problems with your order. I stand behind my products 100% and do all I can to make sure my customers are happy!


The artwork I create is not endorsed by, affiliated with, authorized, licensed, or in any way connected with, the Walt Disney Company, Disney Enterprises, Inc., or any of their subsidiaries or affiliates. I do not own any of the characters, trademarks, or ideas.