November Pin Pre-Sale
November Pin Pre-Sale

November Pin Pre-Sale

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*This is a pre-sale, pins won't be in hand for about 1-2 months, please allow time for delays also. Thank you!**

**Unfortunately I can't guarantee these will be in by Christmas, it's possible but no guarantees, just keep that in mind :) **


Details for horse friends (Kjekk/Olaf, Water Horse, Avatar Direhorse, Eeyore, Tigger, Pooh, Sven

  • Hard Enamel Pins
  • 1.5" in size 
  • Kjekk, Waterhorse, Avatar Direhorse all have screenprinting details
  • Avatar Direhorse has glowy details and clear enamel behind woodsprite
  • Water Horse has glow details and sandblasted transparent enamel
  • Rubber backings
  • Comes attached to card

Size for minis:

  • Mice: .5"
  • Snowgies: .55" and .52", have white glitter 
  • Porgs: .74" and .5"

Other size:

  • Cheshire: 1" tall/ 1.4" wide, teeth glow in the dark
    *ALL proceeds of Cheshie cat will go towards my sweet friend Kali's family
  • Chewie: 1.9"