Evergreen Glitter Magic Band

Evergreen Glitter Magic Band

Regular price $47.00

Going to Disney World and need a little something to make your trip even more magical? What about needing something fancy or to top off the perfect Disneybound? 

Here is your chance to order a beautiful green magic band painted just for you!

Here is some clarification on the MAGIC BAND OPTIONS:
  • Shop will provide: means the shop will provide the band to be painted (it is an additional $25 because that is what it costs me to purchase direct from Disney)
  • Customer will mail: means you, the customer, will mail me one of your magic bands

Some extra details:

  • If you mail me your band, it should take me up to 5 days to paint your band upon receiving it, and then I can mail out. The band you send me can be ANY color! The paint I use covers the original color very well.
  • If you want me to provide the band, I should have bands in stock that I can paint within a week of ordering and then I can mail it out, HOWEVER, IF you need the band quicker, please send me a message BEFOREHAND to see what I have in stock and if I can make your deadline for you, I try to be as flexible as possible!